Day Thirty One: Amsterdam

Today is our last full day on our holiday. We had a leisurely breakfast of fresh bread and ham, cheese and tomatoes. (Cheese count: 22)

We walked back to the centre of Amsterdam to a second hand market that is meant to be amazing. The problem was that it was very windy with constant 40km/hr winds and a lot of that stall holders didn't set up. This was fine as we just meandered passed all the canals until we found ourselves at the flower market.

The flower market sells all different bulbs and seeds and I wish I could have bought them all as they were all so beautiful! We were only briefly there as Marco and Natalja had to race home to get Layla from school.

Jip and I took the metro a few stops to The Pijp. It is another market and also where Jip's Great-grandmother used to live in an apartment above the markets. We started chatting with the shop owners and they were interested in hearing Jips stories about what the building was prior to a souvenir shop.

We were getting a little hungry and found a Febo store: where they sell croquettes in little slots on a wall. We bought a few different varieties that were cooked freshly. We had one veal, satay, chicken and lastly a cheese! They were all pretty tasty but the satay one was the best.

We caught a tram back to Java Island and bought things at the grocery store before walking back home for a relaxing little while. We were just chatting on the couch and then Bram and Eva surprised us! It was wonderful seeing them again!!!!

We got dressed up and went to the Amsterdam Tower for dinner. It is a revolving restaurant in North Amsterdam. We got a maxi taxi there as it was pouring with rain. It was a set 7 course meal and reminded me of Attica or Heston dinners. Some notable dishes included pickled herring with beetroot, caviar and creme fraiche.

A chicken and pork gyoza with Tom Yam soup. For main we had beautiful beef with oyster gel and Daikon/mushroom.

Dessert was the best, it had espresso mousse with bronze over the top, limoncello gel, espresso cake and sambuca ice cream. Amazing!

We got home and chatted for hours before getting to bed after 2am.