Day Thirty Two: Finale

Slept briefly (only a few hours) last night as we were up early so I could get my SNS nails removed. The boys stayed back at home and drank coffee whilst the four of us walked to the end of Java Island to get croissants for breakfast and other errands. We bought the freshest croissants as they had just come out of the oven and were still warm!

After relaxing for a while, we walked to the Amsterdam zoo and it’s attached museum on microbes called Micropia. Micropia is the only museum in the world dedicated to micro organisms such as bacteria and fungi spores. Layla was very excited to show Bram, Eva, Jip and I the fascinating, minute world of bacteria.

We walked along a different part of Amsterdam I had not yet seen and we came to a market set up along the road of one of the residential streets. They sold lengths of material to fresh fish and cheese and weird second hand items in between. Jip and I got a stroopwafel each as we had not yet had any for the trip!

We continued walking in a semi-circle and we came to the Brouwerij ‘t IJ brewery and we had a beer each before heading to a pub for a 4pm lunch. Jip and I ordered the steak tartare sandwich with a soft poached egg, mustard and watercress. It was pretty good. Whilst we were eating, it started to rain and we were thankful that by the time we finished, it was clear again!

We did some final moments of packing before relaxing on the couch until we had to leave. We piled our very full bags into the car and drove the 20 minutes to the airport. At check in, our bags weighed 50kg combined and I honestly can’t believe we were able to fit so much in! We said our goodbyes to the others and went through the gate. Every employee at the airport must have been having a bad day as they were all grumpy. The guy at the check in desk said to Jip (in Dutch so I couldn’t understand) that he apparently stated in his booking that I was pregnant and when Jip said that that wasn’t possible, the employee blatantly said it was Jip’s fault!

On the inside of the airport, we made our way to the Emirates lounge and had a few strong Bacardi and cokes with mustard soup and buttered bread. Our flight to Dubai was only 6 hours and it was very smooth. We got roast chicken with strawberry and rhubarb crumble and we settled in watching some TV series.

In Dubai, we caught the train to Terminal A and on entering the train, Jip and I got separated briefly and I was pushed back and told to catch the next one but I was very stern with the guy and said ‘No, I’m getting on THIS train’ and he let me. Terminal A has an enormous Emirates lounge that is actually an entire second level floor that has many areas for food or fine dining. We sat in the middle near our gate and had a champagne each followed by a croissant with gin and coke.

From Dubai to Melbourne, the flight was approximately 13 hours due to a tail wind. This time was not very accurate as we had not refueled yet and there was a delay to boarding. Our trusty, very Australian pilot made up for lost time en route and we eventually landed on time.

Immigration was very easy and in no time at all, I had already gotten Jips bag. My bag was one of the last to arrive! Customs was equally as easy as my Swedish honey didn't raise any eyebrows and we were let out of the building into the frosty Melbourne air. The skybus took us back into Southern Cross station and we said our goodbyes at Flinders Street and caught different trains home.