Day Three: Wijchen

I as woken at 12.50am to Boes (family cat) outside the window wanting to be let in. It was easier said than done as I had to take the fly wire off and replace it. After my early wake up call with the cat, we both slept until 9am and lounged for a bit before going downstairs. Saskia had laid out breakfast for us before she went for a walk. I had some of our green pesto cheese and leftover blueberries pancake from yesterday.

After breakfast, Jip and I went for a cycle around the lakes and passed his old high school in Alverna and to his brothers house. Back at home we had some vegetable soup before getting ready for our photo shoot. Last night at dinner, the family surprised us by giving us an opportunity to have some professional photos taken. Eva’s father in Nijmegen has a studio so we went for a drive there. I initially was very nervous and didn’t want to go through with it but I felt that I was letting the family down with all time and effort they put in to have the experience. I’m grateful to have done it now.

We drove back to Wijchen before Jip and I decided to go to the supermarket for snacks for tomorrow. It was fascinating going through the supermarket and seeing everything. Literally everything in the cool section (broccoli, beans, snow peas) are all plastic wrapped. But, because the Netherlands have such an amazing recycling system, everything can be recycled or reused.

I bought the best tomatoes I’ve ever ever eaten and a ‘wild peach’. Just before dinner, it was an opportunity for me to try and drive a left hand drive car on the opposite side of the road. Thankfully the Fiat 500c is only small so I can drive it okay… I may have knocked a curb at one stage as I was too far over but it went well. I drove to Niftrik and back with a little bit of highway driving at 130km/hr.

Niftrik is the next little village and has a Dijk which is used as a flood defence system and is also used as the main road to Wijchen. We looped around the town and made for the highway. It is nice having a fast highway but within the village/city centre, all the speed limits are 30km/hr near the houses and the main roads are 50km/hr.

At home, we spent some quality time with Boris, the other family cat, before we had dinner. We had chicken and vegetable curry wraps for dinner and Jip’s brother Bram came over again. We then sat outside with a fire going and had French Sausage and bitterballen.