Day Twelve: Wijchen

First day I’ve managed a sleep in and felt pretty refreshed.

Today was just a lazy day before heading to Amsterdam tomorrow. We had a late breakfast of various cheeses and bread before going on a walk with the young Labrador, Lotje. We walked alongside the lake before taking a new route passed the local farm that sells fresh vegetables and eggs directly to the public on specific days. On Sunday’s, mostly everything is closed or only open for a few hours after lunch.

When we got back, we freshened up and had some lunch of more bread and cheeses before Jip’s cousins arrived for some coffee and afternoon tea. It was lovely to meet them all. During the afternoon, I was watching some pretty finches fly down and eat some sunflower seeds directly from an old sunflower on the garden bench. They seem to be bigger here than at home.

Bram and Eva stayed for dinner and we had take away Chinese which is more your typical Indonesian back in Australia. We shared some delicious spring rolls, chicken satay and chilli chicken. After dinner, we had raspberry cake from the Mill in Wijchen and it was delicious.