Day Twenty Eight: Netherlands bound

Early wake up for our B&B breakfast that we had to pay extra for; I thought the meaning of a B&B was breakfast included!

It was a worthwhile breakfast of fresh rolls, cheeses, homemade apricot jam and soft boiled egg each. (Cheese count: 21)

We put everything in the car in its usual orderly fashion. Jips bags in the boot with my backpack on top, my suitcase standing up on the backseat and our coats hanging up on the other seat. The carboot in the Fiat is almost laughable, it's squeezy!

Back in the Netherlands we forgot to pack the TomTom navigation so we have been using Google maps on my phone the entire time. Each day we type in our destination and avoid ferries and the odd toll road. Today, we typed in home in the Netherlands and it said 9 hours 30 minutes and 900km. We were dreading it already!

It was relatively smooth in Denmark and we stopped for fuel once. In Germany, there were roadworks taking place and caused a huge inconvenience. We stopped for further fuel and shared a yummy, fresh pretzel before continuing. I found it an enjoyable drive as it was 29 degrees and sunny!

When we crossed our final border into the Netherlands, we hit peak hour traffic and had 25 minute delays in places. Once we finally got home, we vacuumed the car and had the novelty sized spring rolls (Loempia) and soup from the local Chinese restaurant. Finished the night with scratches with Lotje the Labrador.

Things I've learnt:

  • Germans are aggressive drivers.
  • Norwegians are fast drivers but not aggressive.
  • Norway is terrifyingly expensive for everything.
  • You don't need to use public transport in Oslo (Norway) as most things are within walking distance.
  • Every second car in Sweden is a Volvo.
  • Swedish people are laid back.
  • Scandinavian people are more receptive to speaking English than the Dutch/French.