Day Twenty Five: onwards to Norway

After such a late night, we both slept well until 9-9.30am. We had some of our usual breakfast and packed our things. I walked and got the car then we piled in and headed for our next destination; Norway.

It was a beautiful day, sunny with fluffy clouds and 18 degrees. We briefly had the air conditioner on in the car! Towards Norway, there are many lakes that you pass with the beautiful red wooden houses surrounded by pine trees. It is simply stunning.

After my first two hour stint, we were in a town called Karlskoga which is infamously known as the town Alfred Nobel lived in for the last two years of his life. We were after some food that was not McDonalds or any fast food so Jip found a Pizzeria on Google that was not far off the freeway. We turned off and followed the directions to this dodgy area full of people who were not your typical Swedish, I'll leave it at that. The pizza was delicious and enormous and worth going off the beaten track for.

Back driving, it was a little while longer before we got to the Norwegian border and it didn't involve any interrogation! One main difference is that Norway is full of tollways that simply take a photo of your numberplate and then send you the invoice in the mail at a later date.

Norway is beyond beautiful, I thought Denmark and Sweden were great! These Scandinavian countries are to die for. We soon arrived at our hotel, parked the car out the front and went to check in. I didn't really understand the hotel employee because he said that we are getting an upgrade from an apartment to a guest room… But I specifically wanted an apartment for the cooking facilities and we now have a standard hotel room. We took our bags into our room and put on our snazzy coats before heading out into Oslo's streets in search of food. I found a place through Lonely Planets website that is an old converted factory that is now a food hall, Mathallen Oslo. It was actually more classy than a food hall as it had specialty deli's, tapas restaurants, whale salami stalls and seafood restaurants. We had the Japanese tapas which included small plates consisting of a prawn, scallop, slow cooked beef, duck with soy/ginger sauce and a mouth watering passionfruit creme brulee and sparkling wine. Look, it might sound like a lot of food but we only got one prawn and one scallop each and I could have eaten double the amount but this city is pricey! It was close to $80 per person!

We walked back towards our hotel and along the way we stopped at a supermarket for some breakfast foods and two beers. At the check-out, she took the beer and placed it begind her and said no. So apparently you cannot purchase beer after 6pm on a Saturday and 8pm during the week.

Back at our hotel, I found out the bar fridge doesn't really keep cold so I piled the yoghurt into the little freezer section hoping that was better. I then walked over to the window to open for some fresh air. The window fully opens like a door and the bottom of the window frame is the same level as the footpath at the back of the hotel. I could easily jump out and start walking! It's hilarious.