Day Twenty Nine: Wijchen

Slept well for a few hours before showering and having breakfast. Jip's mum bought me a special cheese with truffles through it so I just had to have some on some fresh bread! (Cheese count: 22). It was very tasty.

Jip and I rode our bicycles into Wijchen city centre and went to the local book store and I bought some Dutch grammar books to improve my understanding of the language. They have a system here that is different back in Australia with the grade levels at school but in the end, I got some books from beginner level for ages 6-7 to intermediate level for ages 11-12. Hopefully they keep me busy! Afterwards we went shopping for some Dutch snacks and rode back home for lunch (we were gone for a couple of hours). We had a quick bite to eat before the four of us (Jip, Saskia, Lotje the dog and I) piled into the Fiat and drove to Veenendaal where Jip's grandfather lives. We had a lovely afternoon of tea, biscuits and chats about different birds and plants he had in his beautiful garden. We stayed for a couple of hours but had to leave because of the incoming peak hour traffic!

Back at home, Bram (Jip's brother) came over and then we went for dinner. We ate at a tapas place that has unlimited food. It was great getting lots of different things to eat and not sitting down to a huge plate of food. Although we over ate on all the yummy things! Eva met us back at home and we stayed up for hours chatting and laughing. We said it good byes as we will be leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow.