Day Twenty Seven: back down to Denmark

Today was our first day we left accommodation before eating! I found a lake close by that we decided to have breakfast at and it was definitely worth it! Surrounded by pine trees , mossy rocks and ducks going under the water for the fish. We had the remainder of our smoked salmon and cheese on bread with grape juice.

We hit the road and was sad to see Norway in the rear mirror! Soon enough, we were in Sweden and stopped for fuel. A few hours later after swapping drivers and I had a quick nap, we stopped for lunch at our last Max burger place. I had a chicken salad and Jip had a burger. I got a frappe ‘sort of’ drink that was an unusual flavour and we had to google the translation! It was a cloudberry frappe - similar to a blackberry but amber in colour. It tasted odd but it was still nice.

We drove further and further and we got to the large bridge to Denmark. After paying our nasty, expensive toll, we drove right through the middle of Copenhagen including Nyhavn - the beautiful buildings along the canal. I was proud I didn't hit a cyclist!

We stopped at the bronze statue ‘The Little Mermaid’ with the other billion tourists that were quite rude. It took me several attempts to get a photo without any one in it. Especially the teenager from the UK who had a dad telling him “go on James, climb onto the statue”. I wish James fell in as it would have been funny.

We drove the 28 minutes out of the city to our B&B. It was down gravel roads that could only fit one car and we happened to come across a car - we had to get the Fiat over a ditch and into grass to let the car pass. At the B&B we found our room, it's the only room upstairs in a beautiful thatched roof building.

We patted some pigs and a cat on the property before admiring the horses as the sun was setting. We were soon getting hungry so we drove to the next town 5-10 minutes away and had some delicious food! I had what I would describe as a huge rissole with potatoes, gravy and a fried egg on top and Jip had the salmon with vegetables all washed down with an Aperol Spritz.

In bed somewhat early as we have breakfast at 8am and a 9 hour drive ahead of us!