Day 1: Melbourne to London

After Jacqueline kindly drove me to the airport, we said our goodbyes and I went through the departure gate. I made my way to gate 20 (the furthest away) and boarded the first leg to Doha. I stayed awake the first hour as we were given ‘dinner’ at 1.30am. Once dinner was completed, I took a phenergan and slept for a solid 10hrs. I was awoken to a PA announcement asking if anyone of medical background was available. I made myself known to staff but thankfully, I wasn't needed as someone else had attended to the passenger.

Landed at Doha at 6.30am. I checked my boarding pass for London and I was supposed to be at the gate by 6.45 - that wasn't going to happen! I ran from one end of the airport to the other and made it by 7am. We boarded our Airbus A380 shortly after. My seat was in the first row of the entire plane… Ample leg room, bigger tv screen (not that I used it) and first choice of the food!

The plane was brilliant, I didn't even realise we were flying at an altitude of 12,300m… It is so quiet and smooth. The food is fantastic; especially the blueberry pancakes and the custard danishes!

It was pretty easy to navigate Heathrow airport, I had to go to level -1 (not basement.. Minus a level) to get the underground train for £6 into the city. Even getting the hotel was easy! The room has a lot to be desired.. Mustard sheets, single bed, leaking toilet and no coat hangers. I dumped all my stuff, brushed my teeth and headed out for a stroll.

Along a few of the buildings, there are plaques that inform the public if someone famous lived there. I happened to see this one whilst on my way to the British Museum!

The British Museum was fascinating! The sheer amount of artefacts is astonishing. For example, they have the most prestigious chess set - the Lewis Chessmen. Each piece is carved out of walrus ivory. Also, they house 50% of the Parthenon sculptures that were built 2,500 years ago!

It is a chilly 10 degrees outside so a brisk stroll along Oxford street and down some laneways helped warm the extremities; it was made even better by having a cinnamon scroll at the end. I found a nice spot in Russell Square Gardens watching squirrels run up and down trees.