Day 2: Sherlock Holmes Museum

Woke up nice and early, boiled the kettle and had a cup of tea to start the day!

Breakfast was provided downstairs and 8am is a little too late as everyone was trying to at at the same time. Headed straight to the station to try and get to Baker Street Station. I bought an Oyster card (London version of a myki) and was informed that I had to get a train to Piccadilly Circus, change to the Bakerloo service and get off at Baker Street. It was only a few buildings down the road and it hadn't opened yet but there still managed to be a cue.

It was full of relics and every room had an open fire so it wasn't as cold as I expected.

There were letters that people from all over the world had sent to 221b Baker Street and expect Sherlock to provide answers! There was the ‘Hound of the Baskerville’ on the wall.. He's rather cute and not scary!

After the museum, I wanted to walk around for a bit and I found the Beatles shop and the site where Charles Dickens wrote some of his books. After my stroll, I found Warren Street Station and managed to navigate the underground without assistance. I'm starting to feel like a true local! Yesterday I bought a SIM card and some credit and I was told it would last weeks. I've used it within 24hrs. Oops.

Emma finally arrived! It was so good to finally see her. She looks utterly exhausted so we went back up to my room as she couldn't check in. She had a shower and we stayed up chatting for a while. I popped down to the local supermarket to grab some bread, water and chocolate. The Cadburys over here tastes different… They add more cocoa to their blocks and it's rather yummy!

We both had a quiet night and went to bed early.