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18 Sep '18 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Europe
Today was our first day we left accommodation before eating! I found a lake close by that we decided to have breakfast at and it was definitely worth it! Surrounded by pine trees , mossy rocks and ducks going under the water for the fish. We had the remainder of our smoked salmon and cheese on bread with grape juice. We hit the road and was sad to see Norway in the rear mirror!
17 Sep '18 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Europe
Got up today and it was cloudy with a chance of rain on the forecast. We had some breakfast including Norwegian cheese (cheese count: 18) and put on our new coats. We first walked towards the Opera centre. It is a beautiful white marble building that has an enormous slanted roof from the ground do you can walk up it and admire the view of the old part of Oslo on the other side of the harbour.
16 Sep '18 / Caitlin Treloar-Ward / Europe
After such a late night, we both slept well until 9-9.30am. We had some of our usual breakfast and packed our things. I walked and got the car then we piled in and headed for our next destination; Norway. It was a beautiful day, sunny with fluffy clouds and 18 degrees. We briefly had the air conditioner on in the car! Towards Norway, there are many lakes that you pass with the beautiful red wooden houses surrounded by pine trees.